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Newman Research Consulting combines art with strategy to provide a 360* view of your customer. The consultancy’s mission is to provide high quality, actionable and insightful research solutions to help you make well-informed business decisions with confidence. We can be objective and here are a few of the ways we can help:

Uncover what consumers think of your product(s) and/or service(s)

Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty; explore how to improve and increase loyalty

Choose effective media strategies to reach customers and prospects (by generations)

Learn and act on what your competitors are doing to reach their customers


Highly Recommended

30 Oct 2009

Matthew MeyerNewman Research Consulting Client
 We utilized Kim’s expertise to coordinate and moderate eighteen focus groups in six cities to evaluate the effectiveness of HVAC advertising. She did a marvelous job of working within a tight deadline and delivered impeccable results. Her professionalism and knowledge helped elevate the project from ‘ho-hum’ to ‘exceptional’. We would definitely use Kim’s services in the future.


Highly Recommended

10 Jan 2010

Deb OhrnCorporate Client
 With a strategic understanding of our brands, she recruited several participants for focus groups across the country. The research outcomes from this qualitative work helped us re-envision and focus those brands with outstanding consumer results. Prior to her work on our crafting brands, I worked with Kim on qualitative research projects for a national children’s magazine called Crayola Kids. Her research insights, again, helped us evolve this brand. I would recommend Kim for any consumer insight research project.


Highly Recommended

02 Oct 2009

Rick NaffVendor Colleague
 I have known and worked with Kim for 20 years and consider her one of the best market researchers I know. I have worked with her as a colleague and as a research vendor when Kim was on the client side. She is a true professional, insightful and a great person to work with. I would strongly recommend her for any role that requires intelligence, strategic thinking, creativity and working as a part of a team. She is that rare individual that can take a problem and think through the steps to a solution while keeping in mind budget and logistics. She is terrific!

Companies/Brands We Have Consulted For

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Project Examples

Due to the proprietary nature of market research, samples will be provided upon request in an in-person meeting.

Advertising Effectiveness Focus Groups

Planned, coordinated, facilitated, analyzed & reported 18 focus groups in the U.S. and Canada evaluating home improvement advertising. The schedule was aggressive and the results enabled the client to proactively plan their summer and winter campaigns by geographic region incorporating consumer and dealer feedback. Planned, coordinated and facilitated four focus groups with current, past and prospective telecom customers. The results provided a road map for how to win new customers and old customers back. In addition, the study provided recommendations for future advertising and website updates.

Editorial and Consumer Marketing Focus Groups

Planned and coordinated hundreds of national focus groups with current, past and prospective magazine subscribers. The projects provided editorial feedback and enabled magazine editors to see, hear and understand their readers. Consumer marketing also benefited from feedback capturing positive attitudes and sound bites for direct mail package development.

New Product Development Focus Groups

Planned, coordinated and conducted focus group projects with prospective magazine subscribers and newspaper readers. These projects used prototypes to present the look and feel of new publications to provide pre-launch feedback.

Quantitative Awareness & Usage Survey

In-person intercept interviews were conducted with bilingual interviewers to study the client and its key competitors. Ultimately, the project revealed what strategies could attract the target market to switch institutions. Interviewer training sessions and mock interviews were held to ensure high quality and consistent interviewing across venues.

The Voice of the Customer/Customer Immersion

The deliverable was a customer immersion training presentation with sound that drove customer empathy into the company’s management and organization. This project was conducted at the client’s office.

New Product Development Secondary Research

Multiple data sources were studied and synthesized for a non-core business new product development idea. Ultimately, the findings, to not proceed lead to significant savings.

“We are drowning in information but starving for knowledge.”

John Naisbett, author of Megatrends

Our Services

Our approach is customized to your unique challenge, including traditional and innovative methods with an emphasis on qualitative research solutions. Quantitative research, secondary research and other services are also offered.  By mixing art and strategy, we deliver solutions that bring life to your insights and freshness to your perspective.


WHY do customers do what they do? WHAT are they thinking, exactly?

This method is designed to yield an in-depth understanding of the questions posed. It focuses on getting beneath the surface and is exploratory and open-ended. Generates rich and detailed data. The process is often collaborative and can take a variety of forms. Focus groups, one-on-ones, dyads, triads and couples groups are conducted in person. Online focus groups and bulletin boards can also be effective where geographic reach is desired and/or online evaluation is an objective.

Focus Groups

This qualitative method is most widely known and used. It consists of moderator-administered groups of about 10 respondents following a discussion guide on a topic but also interacting with each other’s opinions.


HOW satisfied are your customers? WHAT PROPORTION of your customer base is loyal?

A research method used to statistically estimate the behavior of the population under study. This method quantifies results by assigning percentages and is more closed-ended. This research can take a variety of forms: Online, intercept, phone, mail and hybrid.

Data Analysis

Do you need an expert to analyze, present and/or trend data over time? We can help distill numbers into clear sentences that make sense.

Secondary Research

WHAT can we learn without doing original research?

There is a wealth of information available on any subject, but it takes time to find quality information and cull it down. We can help find pre-existing research and deliver it with or without summary.

Media Analysis

Which media is most likely to reach your customers? How does media vary by generation? This analysis could be the foundation of your media plan. We are equipped to produce media analysis by generation.

New Industry Analysis

Do you need to get up to speed on industry trends and/or competitors? We can help you get smart in a flash!

Other Services NW
Other Services

HOW ELSE can we help you succeed? Here are a few possibilities, but don’t hesitate to reach out anytime!

Communications Writing

Do you need help writing a report or developing a presentation? We can take the pressure off!


Do you need a set fresh of eyes to double check that information is presented accurately? We can deliver on a dime!

Project Management

Do you have a special project that always seems to fall to the back burner? We can help get the work done whether it is short or long-term, simple or complex! Managing details and being organized are the name of the game!

Mystery/Secret Shopping

Do you need to measure quality of service, compliance with regulation or gather specific information about products and services? Mystery or secret shopping performs specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provides detailed reports or feedback about these experiences.

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Our Working Process

As qualitative research specialists, we strive to provide high quality research that meets your budget and timing. We deliver top-notch customer service along the way and enjoy working collaboratively.


We begin by defining the business need.


We then translate that need to research objectives.


Each project is customized to those objectives; no cookie-cutter approaches!

Decision Making

Information is combined with knowledge, interpreting and applying results to decision making.


This results in research that is actionable and insightful. 

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